November 1, 2015

We Made The Cover!!

Recently, one of our publications had a figure which made the cover of Developmental Neuroscience. Fillmore, P.T., Richards, J.E., Phillips-Meek,...
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July 4, 2014

Nicki Paper at ICIS

ICIS Presentation: Neural Correlates of Face Processing in Infants at Risk for Autism and Infants with Fragile X Syndrome
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January 1, 2014

Nicki is leaving us

Nicki Zieber has left the lab. Nicki has medical issues and is back in Kansas with her family. We wish...
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October 1, 2013

Bill Campbell Retires

Bill Campbell joined our lab in 2000, but we sadly said our good-byes due to his retirement at the end...
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August 15, 2013

Michelle is Moving On

On August 15th, Michelle will leave the University of South Carolina and start her new position as Assistant Professor of...
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August 1, 2013

Wanze new experiment

project title: Effects of Short Interstimulus Invervals (ISIs) on Infant Sustained Attention and Correlated Event-related Potentials (ERPs) - Description of...
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August 1, 2013

The USC Infant Lab Reaches a Milestone

In a recent study the USC Infant Lab included Will Amick, a 2 year-old, which was a 2nd generation participant....
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July 31, 2013

Building updates

Bill: We moved into our new building in February, 2013. On the whole we are very happy in the new...
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July 26, 2013

Nicki attends the Sackler Summer Institute in New York

Recently, Nicki was fortunate to be able to attend the Sackler Summer Institute at Weill Cornell Medical College in New...
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July 15, 2013

Nicki’s latest paper

Nicki's paper titled "Perceptual Specialization and Configural Face Processing in Infancy" has been accepted into the Journal of Experimental Child...
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