MAGSTIM Saves the Day

The company, ELECTRICAL GEODESICS (EGI), plays an important role in our research and data collection.  EGI designs the brain-recording equipment and software used in our lab, and labs all over the world, involved in the recording and monitoring of brain activity.  Early in 2020, our research team found out EGI would no longer be financially supported by their investor, PHILIPS.  NO MORE EGI???  The company who supplied our lab for decades would be no more???  As one would expect, we panicked.  But recently, we were happy to learn another company involved in Neuroscience, MAGSTIM, will acquire EGI at the beginning of 2021.  What a relief!  MAGSTIM saves the day!

Magstim announced it will purchase the EGI product line from Philips Neuro. This will insure the continuation of the EGI products.