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Fill out forms

As a part of the EEG net study, we like to have pictures of the kids’ brains we’re studying. This is Phillip. He’s helping us do the study. He has to fill out some forms before we begin.

Height measurement

After he finishes his forms, Phillip’s height and weight need to be measured to make sure he fits into the MRI machine.

Meet us at the hospital

Now our participant will meet us at Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital, where we keep our MRI machine.

Once you're here

At the hospital, take the elevator around the corner up to the third floor. This is Mike. He will meet you as you exit the elevator. Mike shows Phillip to the room where the MRI machine is kept. He explains to Phillip the procedure of the MRI scan and answers any of Phillip’s questions.

Into the machine

Mike gets Phillip Ready to go in the MRI machine. The machine is very loud, so Phillip has to wear earplugs and earmuffs. Phillip lies down on the table, and Mike puts him in the MRI machine. We’re almost ready to take pictures of Phillip’s brain. Phillip Will be in the MRI machine for about 30 minutes. During the scanning, Phillip can watch a movie or listen to music. 30 minutes goes by really fast!

That's it!

Phillip comes out of the MRI machine and gets to see the pictures of his brain!