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McCausland Center for Brain Imaging

Our center is located in the main Palmetto Health Richland Heart Hospital (2nd floor, ask for directions to 3T MRI). If you have a GPS, set 6 Medical Park Road, Columbia, South Carolina 29203 as your destination (near the intersection with Sunset). There is free covered parking near the entrance. Once in the hospital, you can ask for the 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Individuals interested in participating in a brain-imaging study, or students who are interested in training should directly contact the scientists who lead the research teams. If you are teacher who is interested in a tour, or are a scientist who is interested in using our facility, please contact one of the directors:
Dr. Chris Rorden, Ph.D. & Dr. Julius Fridriksson, Ph.D. (C0-Directors) :: Rorden – (803) 404-2573 Cell
Dr. Roger D. Newman-Norlund, Ph.D. (Managing Director) :: (803) 530-6793 Cell :: (803) 434-8031 MRI Office rnorlund@mailbox.sc.edu


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